Breaking News:  MBM is a Shortlisted in the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards.  Read more here.

My Brand Manager (MBM) is your virtual onsite and online assistant.

MBM is an award winning, fully customised business iPhone and iPad app that is designed to make light work when managing wide area branch, franchise network and multi-site environments.

MBM is a practical in-field tool to help manage the following business situations:

  • Business performance / operation audits
  • Branch or franchise network inspections
  • Competency / skill assessment with evidence
  • Brand Management
    • Brand ID
    • Systems and processes
    • Promotional programmes
    • HR Management, training and development
    • Administration
    • Corporate Governance
    • Plant and equipment compliance
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Property or equipment inspections

Do you spend more time doing paperwork than developing business in your territory?
                  Is there a disincentive to visit as a result of the subsequent paperwork required?
      Would you like your visits process managed so that no step is overlooked?
                             Can you identify variations in consistency throughout your network?
Are diagnostic and consolidated reports available to you instantly and on demand?

MBM uses the power of our Global Management System (GMS) to send out, receive and process data collected in the field in a myriad of instant, on demand, detailed and diagnostic reporting 24/7 from any internet browser using your secure log-in.  With My Brand Manager you can:

  • Boost your output and have more valuable time for business development.
  • Tailor any number of programmes to meet your individual needs.
  • Use the power of voice to text, photo, video, sound bite and action plans.
  • Inspections may be performed remotely without the need of Wi-Fi or Mobile Data Services
  • Event triggered notifications will instantly generate and communicate activity to designated stakeholders.
  • Global to local reporting allows you to easily identify your networks highs or lows and drill down to a site or individual performance at a glance.
  • Your benchmarks, rankings and other valuable data are easily shared amongst your nominated stakeholders.
  • Historic reports including all media remain available on demand.

ACG Global will set up your own unique and secure GMS environment in the cloud and your MBM app is available for iPad and iPhone from the Apple Store. 

We would be delighted to hear from you to answer your queries, and happy to visit you and your team personally to demonstrate the practical power of MBM.

Simply, My Brand Manager makes your businesses better

MBM for Franchising

If you are a Brand Manager in a franchise environment, MBM allows you the flexibility to manage your brand standards effectively and effortlessly. You can inspect, audit and send reports from your Smart Device via the cloud to your desktop - whilst saving time for important business development.

MBM for Hotels


MBM can help you maintain consistent and high standards across your Hotel Network, with your corporate service and brand standards, whilst communicating these standards effectively to your network.  MBM’s report functions allow you to easily identify your network’s highs or lows, allowing you to drill down to an individual facility’s performance at a glance.

MBM for Mystery Shopping

MBM for Mystery Shopping

Dont leave your service quality to chance.  MBM can help you maintain consistent and high quality standards across your network, in line with your corporate service quality and brand standards, whilst allowing you to measure these standards from the coalface.  If Mystery Shopping is a component of your quality service delivery programme, you must look at MBM’s information gathering and reporting functions.

MBM for Property Management 

If you are a Property Manager, MBM allows you the flexibility to manage your property portfolio and brand standards effectively and effortlessly. Unlike it's competitors, MBM doesn’t just create a paper inspection, it also allows you to easily view Property Standard Benchmarks, Rankings and assist a property’s positioning within a market.